Medway Flight Training

Est 1991 North Kent


Whether you wish to make a career in aviation or just pursue a lifetime ambition

Medway Flight Training is here to help.


Training for the EASA PPL and LAPL can be provided at a pace to suite your requirements.

All training for the written examinations is provided as part of any course you undertake.

Extra ground school is available at a competitive rate.


Examinations are taken in house with the resident examiner, available seven days a week.

Radio Telephony Training for the written and practical test always available.

IMC and Night training can be tailored to your needs.

Also provided are tail wheel conversions

type conversions

farm strip courses and complex single engine type checkouts.


If you require a Proficiency Flight Test or Skill Test to revalidate your SEP Class Rating or

IMC Rating this can be carried out in your aircraft, saving additional cost.


Your instructor/examiner has over 35 years experience and over 9600 hours.


For more information call

Jim Stevens on 07710095690

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